Instructor during the practical exercises in arch dogging, lecturer and consultant on the subject of making and using orthodontic appliances :

  • Class I Retainers
  • Class II
  • Class III
  • open bite
  • deep bite
  • lateral expansion
  • sagittal expansion
  • distalization
  • orthopedic splints
  • apparatus combating habits
  • apparatuses against sleep disorders and snoring

Present at every class also during the practical exercises on the technique of dogging bows and available for consultation 24/24

Jerzy Dobosz has more than 16 years of experience in laboratory manufacturing of orthodontic appliances. He attends many courses, participates in discussion meetings and scientific lectures. His well-established orthodontic knowledge makes him an excellent source of information on the latest technologies in the design and operation of orthodontic appliances. We are confident that his extensive laboratory experience and knowledge will be extremely helpful to our students. Jerzy Dobosz is always willing to assist you in designing and preparing a particular case for the treatment process. He is open to any questions without any limit to the time and number of cases consulted.

Jerzy Dobosz - tel. 606 512 484

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