(1) Acceptance of the rules and regulations is a condition of participation in the classes offered by Captain Salsa.

(2) Only people who do not have medical contraindications to exercise can participate in the classes offered by Captain Salsa. Captain Salsa is not responsible for injuries to participants.

(3) Each participant is required to change footwear before entering the hall.

(4) Captain Salsa is not responsible for items left after the class in the hall or in the building where the hall is located.

(5) Only those who have purchased a pass or single entry can participate in the classes. Captain Salsa does not refund payments if a student cancels a class.

(6) Captain Salsa reserves the right to cancel the classes in case of too few people registering for the workshop. In this case, the entire amount paid is refundable.

7. with the purchase of Private Lessons, it is on the student's side to pay for the dance hall and the teacher's transportation if he/she travels to the student

8 Each class participant agrees to use his/her image for Lion Dance Studio marketing purposes.

9. class participant is allowed to enter the hall only in a sober state.

10. both to the instructor and other participants in the class should be addressed with respect.

(11) In case of non-compliance with the rules, the participant may be expelled from the room.