You can do without a beautiful smile, without breathing while sleeping - not anymore!


  • The role of dentists in the treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders
  • Interpretation of the sleep study from a physiological and nutritional perspective
  • What does apnea or atelectasis tell us about the state of the body?
  • How to treat obstructive and central apnea and atelectasis with nutrition and supplementation?
  • What can we do about allergies and respiratory disorders?
  • How to treat the tonsils and the immune system without resorting to the most common harmful surgical procedures?
  • How can we help stabilize sleep stages?
  • How to coordinate a nutritional approach with existing dental treatment
  • Distinguish between obstructive (dental appliances) and physiological (nutrition vs. health) cases
  • Membrane release technique
  • Cranial range of motion techniques
  • Meningeal release techniques
  • Advanced specific cranial techniques
  • Final test


Doct. dent. Marcin Dolecki

Licensed lecturer at Rondeau Seminars, IAO Senior Instructor, IAO Fellow.
Dr. Marcin Dolecki is a graduate of the Medical Academy of Lodz (now Medical University of Lodz), and runs a private practice in Legionowo. Lecturer, author of many publications, including two books: Teeth Whitening and Marketing and Management in a Dental Practice, publisher and translator of the "CRA Newsletter", he is also a recognized authority in translating lectures and presentations in the field of dentistry held at home and abroad. He is remembered for his wonderful meetings with Dr. Howard Farran, Dr. Dan Fischer, Dr. Gordon Christensen, the CRA Dentistry Update series of meetings and IAO sessions in Poland. In 2001, he was certified as an instructor by Dr. Brock Rondeau Rondeau's Canadian training organization Rondeau Seminars to teach orthodontics to general practicing dentists (Instructor of Orthodontics), in 2006 as a Senior Instructor of the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO Senior Instructor), and in 2009 as an IAO Fellow.

Hourly schedule

Course reception from 9:00 am.
day I (Saturday): 10:00-18:00
Day II (Sunday): 9:00-17:00

Anticipated break arrangement (on average every 1.5-2 hours of class): on a full lecture day approx. 15 min. until noon + 60 min. in the early afternoon + 15 min. in the late afternoon; on a part lecture day approx. 15 min. until noon + 45 min. in the early afternoon.

The price of the 2-day course includes:

  • participation in the course and practical activities
  • electronic script
  • Certificate* and/or certificate confirming participation in the course
  • Meals during the course (coffee breaks + lunch/lunch).

The course price does not include accommodation. For courses held in Warsaw, hotel reservations must be made individually. For courses taking place in Zgierz we have a pool of rooms in the Center - applications are accepted by the hotel until the designated date, subject to availability; fees for accommodation and additional services (including parking) regulated individually.

2-day course (no choice of day(s)). The order of topics in the program is subject to change.

* In accordance with accreditation requirements, the end of the class with a short test of the entire scope of the material of the part entitling to receive a certificate (applies to doctors accumulating educational credits), and the certificate of participation is in the form of a cumulative document of 2 days.
Training regulations in full version on our website under Regulations.

More about the lecturer

Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Marcin Dolecki

Watch Dr. Howard Farran's interview with Dr. Marcin Dolecki on the holistic approach in orthodontics (interview from February 2021):

Live from the Introduction to the Course

Enjoy an hour-long recording of the introduction to the course, which was recorded in September 2021 during the first hour of the four-day program.