Captain Salsa

Specialties: Dance (Salsa, Bachata Social Dance, Dance Theater), Live Streaming, Digital Product Design, Print and Web Design, Photography, Photo and Video Editing.

I am a dancer of the highest international class S in Latin American dances.

By education I am an educator with a specialty in dance and computers in education (KO Study and College of Pedagogy). On a professional level, I am involved in live streaming and directing theatrical performances and, since 2020, training for general practice dentists on video and photography in the office.
I have been dancing for 35 years and teaching Ballroom Dance, Salsa and Bachata for 28 years. I am an actor dancer at the Gdynia Główna Theater. Lecturer at the Academy of the Independent Theater in Gdynia. Choreographer of "You Can Dance" programs in Poland and Ukraine. Choreographer's assistant and actor of the film "Kochaj i Dance". Polish Champion and Vice World Champion in Salsa.

Liana Anna

Liana Anna Lewinska. Dancer of the highest international S class in Latin American dances. A graduate of Dance studies, specializing in Choreographer. He is also a sports instructor with a specialization in Ballroom Dancing, with distinction and recommendation from Agustin Egurrola. She was a dancer of the V6 Dance Theater, taking part in the performances "Ball of the vampires. Eternity "," Ah ... This New York "," Aquarius "," Midnight in Paris ". From the age of 5, he develops in many dance techniques, including ballroom, classical, contemporary, modern jazz, bachata and salsa. She got a recommendation from the precursors of sensual bachata - Korke and Judith. She assisted stars such as Captain Salsa, Carlos Espinosa, Luis Vazquez, La Epoca and Azael in workshops. She conducted workshops, incl. at the Salsa Congress Black & White in Austria, the Yorkshire Salsa Congress in the UK as well as overseas in Nashville.

Salsa Vice-Champion of the World, Salsa Polish Champion, Mambo Polish Champion, choreographer, dancer, trainer and teacher.


Choreographer for the You Can Dance programs in Poland and in Ukraine, choreographer for Dancing with the Stars and Factory of Stars.
Dancer in Polish romantic comedy Kochaj i Tańcz and in spectacle Dali at Sopocki Teatr Tańca.
Lecturer at the Academy of Independent Theatre in Gdynia. The precursor of Salsa in Poland. He is the artistic director and founder of the most advanced - and one of the biggest salsa schools in Poland Salsa Kings.


"Dancing is breathing to me, it's butterflies in my stomach, emotion, euphoria, honesty. That is what I'm trying to share with people. That is what we're trying to search for in my workshops. Leaving rules, steps, conventions behind..."

Przemek Wereszczynski is extremely talented, a dancer with experience and workshop. He teaches an advanced level of body movement, interaction, dependence, motion intention. He teaches how to lead using your intuition, without unnecessary tensions, which is unique in the world of salsa often based on schematic dancing. He supports natural, organic dancing. He shows how to dance in a manly manner, how to find differences between intentions, how to understand the difference between school dance and deep, natural dance. A master, a unique, controversial artist. He crosses boundaries, discovers depth in motion. Working with him is always a breakthrough, an adventure that makes us leave our comfort zones and verify all the rules we have learned.

Anna Chagowska - organizer of El Sol Salsa Festival in Warsaw

I have been dancing for over 10 years, I can truly say, that the learning that I have gained from working with Mek and his video course has surpassed all my expectations. I would recommend anyone who is serious about taking there dancing to a higher level to sign up to the course, Mek as a teacher is truly inspirational.

Joe Constant - dance teacher

I am so grateful that you saw me and that you followed your intuition! It's been an amazing adventure to me! The journey we started... You are the answer to my prayers! I am so lucky that I did not have to come back to India to search for something.... that something that I found with you . When you least expect it, you finally find it... thank you for living in Gdynia and for doing what you do! Never, never ever doubt in your gift, in your way! It is wonderful to be your student! It is wonderful to follow you humbly, to listen, to aquire...

Agnieszka Kawula - writer, therapist, teacher of Hawaiian massage

Amazing classes! I did not expect to learn so much in such a short period of time! Thanks to you I fell in love with salsa once again or maybe... I just really discovered it for the first time in my life. And I love the feeling!

Marcin Suski - dance teacher

I love your online Isolations. Your approach to isolations and breathing helps me to explain to my students how to use music and breathing consciously.

Piotr Krajewski - singer and dance teacher from Long Beach, California