1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions is required to participate in online courses and consultations.

  2. Only individuals who have no medical contraindications to exercise can participate in online courses and consultations through Captain Salas. Captain Salas is not responsible for injuries to participants.

  3. Only those who have purchased the course or training can participate in online courses and consultations

  4. Payments are accepted through purchase of a product on the platform. Available payments are PLN, EURO, USD
  5. Captain Salsa does not refund payments if a student withdraws from a course or online consultation

  6. Captain Salsa reserves the right to cancel a group consultation if too few people sign up. In such a case the entire amount paid will be refunded.

  7. Each class participant agrees to the use of his/her image for Captain Salsa marketing purposes

  8. A participant is allowed to enter group or individual counseling sessions only when sober.

  9. Both the instructor and other participants in online classes should be addressed with respect.

  10. In case of non-compliance, the participant may be expelled from the training.