Salsa Body Movement plus Body Isolations

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The course includes many hours of video material 
and a welcome bonus from my gym training and other exercises.

What is body isolation?

Body Isolation is the terminology used for a technique in which dancers move one part of their body while the rest of their body is completely still. The technique is crucial for any dancer because it refines the core of the body, creating a fluid dance movement while dancing. But of course, mastering isolation in dance also has physiological benefits.

Why should I practice body isolation?

Isolation helps train our bodies for proper biomechanical movement. Throughout life, our bodies are constantly adjusting to life, which leads to poor posture and postural health. As the body makes these changes and adjusts to new factors for your comfort, it is likely that some muscles are not being used to their full potential. The larger the muscle group that is overcompensated, the more difficult it is to stabilize your joints during movement. The smaller the muscle group, the greater the likelihood of rupture and overuse. When performed correctly and consistently, isolations can rehabilitate these patterns and improve movement fluidity. (Bonus: it also prevents dance-related injuries).

How will Body Isolations help the dancer?

If you dance salsa, bachata, ballroom dance this course is for you! You will discover muscles you didn't know existed :). You will increase your body range of motion several times. Each dance choreography will be easier to remember and dance. Your partner will be delighted with you.

Who is the course designed for?

Isolation (Body Movement) classes are designed for everyone - beginners and advanced. The course is designed to increase awareness of your body, develop motor coordination, develop proper breathing and stimulate energy for action

Have fun and learn


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